Volunteer support is critical to our mission and makes us one of the most efficient charities around!

In fiscal year 2014-2015, The Food Depot benefited from 15,476 hours of volunteer time! We currently have 1,563 active volunteers, and we are always looking for more help.

Why do volunteers matter? Every hour of time that is given by volunteers means that more financial resources can be directed towards providing meals to people in need! Last year’s volunteer hours saved The Food Depot over $350,000 — enough to provide over a MILLION meals!

Contact Nate Patrus, volunteer coordinator to get started today!

Volunteer Application fillable form

Nate Patrus

Volunteer Coordinator

505-471-1633, extension 15


  • What do volunteers at The Food Depot do?
    Volunteers at The Food Depot primarily sort and evaluate the quality of donated food and repack food purchased in bulk into smaller packages. Both of these activities prepare food acquired by The Food Depot for distribution to people in need. Volunteers are also frequently needed to work on the weekends at food drives or other special events such as the Harvest 5K Run, Pie Mania, and the Souper Bowl.
  • I want to volunteer, but I have physical limitations. Can I still help?
    Yes! We have a receptionist volunteer position available. This volunteer sits at the front desk and welcomes people to our facility, answers the phone occasionally, and handles light office/administrative work as needed. Contact Nate Patrus at npatrus@thefooddepot.org or by phone at 505-471-1633 extension 15 to learn more.
  • What are the days and times that volunteers can work?
    Volunteers are needed during the following times: Morning Shift: 9:00 am -12:00 pm Monday through Friday Afternoon Shift 1:00 pm -3:00 pm Monday through Thursday Additional volunteer opportunities, such as food drives and special events, arise throughout the year and usually require volunteer help on weekend dates.
  • How do I become a volunteer?
    Becoming a volunteer is easy! Simply read and complete our volunteer application and return it to Nate Patrus, our volunteer coordinator. Nate can be reached at npatrus@thefooddepot.org or by phone at 505-471-1633 extension 15. Once you have completed the volunteer application and have connected with Nate, you will attend a volunteer orientation at The Food Depot and will be eligible to begin volunteering.
  • Is there a volunteer training?
    Yes! If you plan to be a regular volunteer, you will attend a volunteer orientation before you begin volunteering, or soon after you begin. If you are helping with a special event, such as the Souper Bowl, you will receive event specific training prior to the event. If you are volunteering for only a short time, you will receive a tour and overview of what The Food Depot does before your volunteer shift starts.
  • What if I can’t volunteer regularly but still want to help sometimes? Can I still volunteer?
    Yes! Fill out a volunteer application and contact Nate Patrus, volunteer coordinator, to be added to our volunteer opportunities email list. You will be notified as specific volunteer opportunities arise, and you can choose when you would like to help. If you have an irregular schedule, don’t worry! Just call or email Nate 24 hours or more before you are available, and we can usually work you in.
  • Can I bring in a group to volunteer?
    Yes! The Food Depot can accommodate volunteer groups from 4-25 people. We can set up a special project as a team building opportunity for your social group, business team, or organization. Contact Nate Patrus at npatrus@thefooddepot.org or by phone at 505-471-1633 extension 15 to get started.
  • Can children volunteer?
  • I have high-level professional experience. How can I help?
    The Food Depot has a number of committees where volunteers who bring specific skills can put their professional skills to use for a good cause. Currently, The Food Depot has an Operations Committee, Marketing Committee and an Events Committee that meet regularly. New committees are being formed all the time, and we can use your skills! Many of the programs operated by The Food Depot can benefit from people of different professional backgrounds as well. New programs such as the Lunchbox Express and Gardening Outside the Box program offer opportunities for volunteer support. Contact Jill Gentry, Development Director, to discuss how you can put your talents to work to help people experiencing hunger in Northern New Mexico. Jill Gentry can be reached at jgentry@thefooddepot.org or by phone at 505-471-1633 extension 16.
  • Can I complete my court-ordered community service at The Food Depot?
    Yes! We can work with most people on their community service requirement. Please plan ahead and leave plenty of time to complete your hours based on The Food Depot’s volunteer hours. Contact Nate Patrus at npatrus@thefooddepot.org or by phone at 505-471-1633 extension 15 to get started