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TFD Pantry 3

Picking up groceries

Stay in your car during a TFD Pantry. As you drive through the food line, volunteers will help put groceries in your trunk or car.

You may receive a selection of produce, dairy, meat, bread, and pantry goods at a TFP Pantry. Groceries change each month.

TFD Pantry 2

Arriving at a pantry

These are large distributions. When you arrive, you may need to wait in a long line of cars. Don't worry! Once the distribution begins, the line will move quickly.

An employee or volunteer will come help you with registration before the distribution begins.

TFP Pantry 1

Finding a TFD Pantry

TFP Pantries are large, drive-through distributions. Currently, there are three sites: Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Mora.

Mora and Los Alamos happen once each month, and the drive-through in Santa Fe happens twice each month.


Picking up groceries

Most sites are drive-through distributions, where you stay in your car the entire time. Produce, frozen protein, pantry staples, and bread are available most months.

Some sites also provide pet food. Anyone picking up pet food must also register for the Food 4 Pets program and pick up groceries.


Attending an MFP

Some sites provide USDA commodity foods, which require an annual registration. If needed, volunteers will be there to help.

For commodity sites, you should not need to bring any proof of ID or income. You may need proof of your address, such as a utility bill.


Finding an MFP location

Mobile Food Pantries (MFPs) are monthly distributions in rural communities across The Food Depot's service area. These usually take place in community buildings, such as churches, parks, or schools.

List of MFP Sites

Food Mobile 3

Take Groceries Home

Staff will fill grocery bags with your food choices, then volunteers take the groceries directly to a car or apartment. The Food Mobile makes it easy to pick up food close to home for people who live in Santa Fe County.

Food Mobile 2

Choose groceries

Distributions will offer choices of bread, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and pantry items.

When you arrive at a distribution, a volunteer will help you fill out a menu of grocery choices for the day.

Food Mobile 1

Find a location

The Food Mobile visits central community locations in Santa Fe County. You can find the big blue bus at schools, parks, senior centers, and apartment complexes.

See a list of all sites