A basic need unmet: Diaper need

One basic need a third of families struggle with that is not often discussed is diaper need.

Currently, there is not a safety net program that will assist households with diapers. Some families are making difficult decisions when it comes to providing an adequate supply of diapers: choosing whether to pay utilities or buy diapers; using diapers longer than they should to make them last longer; or cleaning out a disposable diaper to reuse. These are difficult decisions that put the health of family members are at risk.

The Food Depot’s Diaper Depot provides a supplemental amount of disposable diapers to households in need. This can provide a positive ripple effect: children can attend childcare, parents can go to work and budgets can be stretched to provide other basic needs.

Please consider a donation to the Diaper Depot today. Larger size diapers are always in high demand (sizes 5, 6 and Pull-Ups). Whether you purchase diapers and donate them at the warehouse in Santa Fe, 1222 A Siler Rd., or make a donation online, the many little bottoms and their families in northern New Mexico thank you!