A statement on food donations and food drives

The Food Depot
COVID-19 Update
Aug. 19, 2020

Food Drives/Food Donations from Individuals

The Food Depot will not be accepting donations of these items until further notice:
food, bags, boxes, pet food or diapers

Thank you so much for your desire to support The Food Depot. The health and safety of those we serve, our volunteers, and staff is of paramount importance. The Food Depot does not have the infrastructure to prevent virus transmission from donated items at this time, and with a high number of local cases, the risk is too significant. The Food Depot hopes to accept donations of this type in the future, and appreciates your generosity.

In lieu of food donations, The Food Depot respectfully asks for financial contributions. Making a monetary gift, at any level, is more effective due to the following reasons:
• The Food Depot is able to buy in bulk and from established partners at a deep discount, stretching every dollar most effectively
• The Food Depot is able to purchase the food items that are most necessary
• The Food Depot is able to use the funding to expand distribution capacity by accessing more trucks and drivers, as well as boxes, bags, and safety items