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Report to the Mayor: Ensuring Every Child in Santa Fe Has Access to Sufficient and Nutritious Food

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Watch the news conference* about the release of the report at The Food Depot on June 21, 2022. *Due to technical difficulties, the first several minutes of the conference were not recorded.

“The Food Depot is going upstream!” -Sherry Hooper, executive director, The Food Depot

In 2019, Mayor Webber of the City of Santa Fe approached Sherry Hooper, executive director of The Food Depot with a challenge. “I want you to develop a plan to end childhood hunger in a year,” he said. Knowing that hunger is a symptom of poverty, Hooper convened a voluntary task force of food and policy experts to analyze the landscape of hunger and poverty research and resolution approaches.

Over the course of the pandemic, the task force met regularly, resulting in the “Report to the Mayor: Ensuring Every Child in Santa Fe Has Access to Sufficient and Nutritious Food”.

The report is intended to initiate dialogue across every level of the community. Throughout its 40 pages, it identifies root causes and proposes solutions that have had meaningful impact in other communities.

“This report is intended to start an important conversation,” said Hooper. “During my time at The Food Depot, we have fed hundreds of thousands of people to meet their immediate need for emergency food, but we are not solving the problem of hunger. It’s time to start the conversation about making systemic change so families no longer need to turn to the food bank to feed their children,” Hooper added.

At the close of the news conference where the report was released on June 21, 2022, Hooper closed with this quote from Desmond Tutu, “We need to stop just pulling people from the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.” And she added, “The Food Depot is going upstream!”