Case Study-Diego

Imagine … being six and having to skip lunch.

Six-year-old Diego anxiously waits for The Food Depot’s Lunch Box Express to arrive at the Jemez Road Mobile Home Park. His mother had left for work hours earlier, leaving Diego in the care of his fifteen-year-old sister—with very little food in the house. Diego waits for the yellow school bus to arrive, asking his sister every few minutes how much longer it will be.

One of Diego’s favorite things to do is to have a “picnic.” Each weekday, when he arrives at the park to meet the Lunch Box Express, he brings his blanket to spread out on the grass. Diego receives his pre-packed lunch, fresh produce and a half-pint of milk from The Food Depot’s volunteers. He can’t stop telling them how much he loves the cherries and grapes. Without the Lunch Box Express, Diego and his sister might have a long day without enough to eat.