Case Study-Henry

Imagine … losing your home when you’re sixty-five.

At 50, Henry had a good job in a medical office, and although he certainly wasn’t rich, he could cover expenses for himself and his aging mother. Five years later, illness struck and Henry was hospitalized during several medical crises. Between the loss of his job during this medical crisis and mounting medical expenses, Henry fell behind on his mortgage payments and lost his home.

In the last two years, his health has improved and he continues to care for his mother, but as an unemployed single man, his financial situation is challenging. It’s difficult for him to keep enough food in the house and meet the medical needs of both himself and his mother. Henry is participating in AARP’s Back To Work 50+ program in an attempt to secure a new job. In the meantime, until he can once again support his family on his own, The Food Depot is providing a critical safety net for Henry and his mother.