Food 4 Pets 3

Families and pets are fed

When families pick up groceries at the monthly distribution, they can also pick up food for their dogs and/or cats. Registration is required for the Food 4 Pets program.

Families must pick up groceries with their pet food.

Food 4 Pets 2

Rural food distributions

Food 4 Pets serves families living in rural areas of Northern New Mexico.

The program currently distributes dog and cat food at seven locations: El Rito, Chamita, Pecos, Bernal, Cerrillos, Ojo Caliente, and Truchas.

Food 4 Pets 1

Volunteers pack pet food

Every month, volunteers repack dog and cat food into family-sized bags. Pet food is then delivered to select locations.

This program does not distribute pet food to agencies or sites in Santa Fe County.