What is a food bank?

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How It Works

The concept behind food banking is simple—find safe and healthy surplus food that’s no longer wanted and get it to the people who need it most. The good news is, there’s more than enough surplus food in this country to provide all the emergency food assistance that’s needed. The challenge is to secure enough funding to gather and distribute that food.

How We Acquire Food

The Food Depot acquires food and related donations from over 100 local product donors including grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, farms and small manufacturers and distributors.

Much of this food would go into landfills if not for The Food Depot. The food bank continues to engage the local community by offering opportunities to conduct food drives throughout the year.

Because the quantity and nature of donations fluctuates, The Food Depot also utilizes funds to purchase foods in bulk when economical opportunities arise. The Food Depot goes outside the community to acquire food to provide the most basic of needs for those who cannot provide for themselves.

State and National Affiliations

The food bank’s affiliation with Feeding America will continue to provide food donations from outside the state to support the local effort to end hunger. The food bank’s participation in the New Mexico Association of Food Banks Produce Initiative offers fresh, nutritious produce to the hungry through The Food Depot’s hunger-relief network.

The Food Depot also partners with the New Mexico Human Services Department to distribute commodity foods provided by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Local Product Donors

Our local product donors run the gamut from small one-of-a-kind stores like Bode’s General Store in Abiqui to national chains like Trader Joe’s. What they all have in common is willingness to help those in need.

Albertsons Stores
Big Lots
Bode’s General Store
Bonnie Plants
Borderland Food Bank
California Association
Food Banks
Community Farm
Dufsmash Distribution
Eldorado Supermarket
El Ice Plant
El Rancho de Las Golondrinas
Feeding America
The Fruit Basket
Goodwill Industries
La Montanita Co-op
Los Alamos Co-op Market
New Mexico Assn. Food Banks
Olive Garden
Panera Bread
Pepsi Beverages Company

Philmont Scout Ranch
Roadrunner Food Bank
Ruby K’s
Sage Bakehouse
Sam’s Club
Santa Fe Farmers’ Market
Santa Fe Master Gardener Association
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco
Santa Fe Tortilla Company
Smith’s Food and Drug Stores
Sprouts Farmers Markets
Talus Wind Heritage Meats
Trader Joe’s
Tribes Coffee House
Walter Burke Catering
Walmart Stores
Whole Foods Market
Whoo’s Donuts
SFPS Student Nutrition

Financial Support

The Food Depot is generously supported financially by a variety of sources, with more than half of our donations coming from individuals. Financial contributions are critical, as they enable The Food Depot to purchase foods in bulk and acquire fresh produce. The Food Depot is able to stretch every donated dollar to provide four meals.