June 23, 2024

Jill Dixon, Deputy Director,
Amanda Bregel, Communications Manager,


The Food Depot Responds to New Mexico Fire and Floods, Seeks Community Support for Emergencies

Santa Fe — The Food Depot, Northern New Mexico’s food bank, has rapidly mobilized in the past week to support recent emergency responses to fires and flooding across the state. The food bank collaborated with Roadrunner Food Bank to provide resources during the South Fork Fire and the Salt Fire near Ruidoso. Following flooding in Las Vegas, operations mobilized to deliver a semi-truck of bottled water to Las Vegas. Now, The Food Depot calls upon the community to enable their continued swift response.

“Food banks have always been on the front lines during a disaster,” shares Jill Dixon, Deputy Director. “With the community’s help, The Food Depot is prepared to respond to any emergency at a moment’s notice. We remain in close contact with our statewide partners to continue supporting current fire and flooding relief efforts with food, resources, and funds.”

To date, The Food Depot has been supporting the disaster response efforts of Roadrunner Food Bank in Albuquerque, the primary food bank for the Ruidoso area. On June 19th, The Food Depot delivered nine pallets of hygiene kits to Roadrunner and will continue responding to requests for support. Since the South Fork Fire began, Roadrunner has delivered almost 100,000 pounds of food and supplies to evacuees and first responders.

After heavy rain disrupted the water supply in Las Vegas, NM, the weekend of June 21st, the city asked residents to restrict their water usage. The emergency has left tens of thousands of people without drinking water. The Food Depot immediately responded to calls for bottled water from state emergency management, delivering eighteen pallets of bottled water just a few hours after receiving the call for assistance.

“Water is necessary for people to survive,” says Samuel Madrid-Huerta, a Distributions Coordinator at The Food Depot. “I got the call about Las Vegas on Sunday morning during my son’s soccer game. I came right into work because The Food Depot is here when people need help. Within three hours, I was able to load the truck, drive to Las Vegas, and unload with the National Guard.”

The Food Depot anticipates an increased need for emergency resources this summer across Northern New Mexico and the wider state. The nonprofit is requesting donations for its disaster assistance fund to help staff respond quickly in the event of any disaster. At this time, the food bank is only collecting monetary donations and donations of bottled water. Funds give The Food Depot the flexibility to quickly mobilize resources and personnel to where they are needed most. All funds donated through the disaster assistance fund will bring hope to communities experiencing emergencies across Northern New Mexico and the wider state. Donations can be made online at or checks can be mailed to 1222A Siler Road in Santa Fe.

Donations of sealed bottled water can be dropped off at the lobby of The Food Depot’s warehouse in Santa Fe at 1222A Siler Road. Hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday.

For Albuquerque residents who need help or resources, please contact Roadrunner Food Bank at or call (505) 349-8909. In Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, individuals can find a food distribution, donate, or talk to The Food Depot Navigation Team at or by calling (505) 471-1633.