Mary Cay Hollander-Russell

A spark of joy and light went out in the world when Mary Cay Hollander-Russell lost her hard-fought battle with the scourge of cancer on Sept 10, 2021. In the prime of her 75th year, Mary Cay was still bringing smiles and happiness to everyone she met. Mary Cay’s legacy has been honored with a gift in her will to The Food Depot as a matching challenge each year during her birth month of May, for the next three years. Donations made in honor of Mary Cay will be matched up to $20,000 by her bequest and are earmarked specifically for programs designed for residents of food deserts.

May Cay’s faith in the goodness of mankind led to many selfless years as a volunteer of The Food Depot and she is remembered for her gift of food security for those experiencing hunger. Together, we make a difference and we remember Mary Cay for her signature happiness and desire to lend a helping hand to others.

Mary Cay Hollander Russel: An Inspiration to Others