Partner Agencies

Our Partnerships

The Food Depot maintains partnerships with over 145 nonprofit agencies in nine counties in Northern New Mexico. These agencies include meal programs, food pantries, youth programs, senior centers and shelters for the homeless and battered families.

A partnership with The Food Depot enables each of these agencies to focus their resources on their primary mission rather than on the acquisition of food. The Food Depot provides an offerings list to each agency on a weekly basis and then prepares each agency’s food order for delivery or pick up. Deliveries are always offered free of charge.

This partnership enables The Food Depot to direct food donations to the populations who are in need and alleviates the burden of providing food from nonprofit agencies whose resources are already stretched thin.

Financial support of The Food Depot can also be considered support of over 145 additional nonprofit agencies that serve the community.

Agency Relations Councils

‘ I feel the ARC has had its biggest impact by bringing together members of organizations that would have otherwise operated independently. Now we are more focused on the goals of the community and communicate as a whole our concerns for the community.

This enables us to have a more complete understanding of what we do separately as well as what we are able to do as one entity, the ARC.’

Carmen Gress
Las Vegas Salvation Army

One of the key action steps for The Food Depot is to develop the capacity of its partner agencies. The Food Depot is developing regional councils of partner agencies to enhance collaboration among all entities providing services.

The Food Depot serves as a resource to partner agencies as they increase their marketing and fundraising efforts and food acquisition within their own communities.

Agency Relationship Councils (ARCs) include representation from partner agencies, elected officials and other persons of influence from within the community. As each of these entities becomes better informed about the realities of hunger in their community, a sense of ownership and urgency develops to expand capacity and services to address the need.

Agency Relations Councils are intended to strengthen agencies and build capacity through a collaborative, community-driven effort toward ending hunger in Northern New Mexico.