Diaper Depot

$50 Provides Diapers For a Baby for a Year

The Problem

One in three families in America struggles to afford diapers for their children. Diapers are a basic need, as essential to children’s health and well being as food and shelter. Diaper need is a silent crisis in the United States.

The Solution

The Food Depot recognizes that limited access to diapers poses serious health risks and economic consequences for babies and their families. For this reason, The Food Depot specifically collects disposable diapers and infant supplies to distribute to families via a network of partner agencies.

The Diaper Depot solves a problem that many people don’t even know exists. Federal benefits such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) cannot be spent on diapers.

The Diaper Depot exists to help provide a supplemental supply of disposable diapers to families in need. These diapers make it possible for struggling families to keep a child in daycare, where disposables are required, so they can work or attend school.

With this help purchasing the diapers they need, families don’t have to leave their babies in soiled diapers or cut back on basics such as food, utilities or child care to be able to afford an adequate supply.

Our Impact

In 2018, The Diaper Depot delivered a combined total of 21,206 diapers per month to 14 of its partner agencies for distribution to those in need.

Making a difference … Nathaniel and Veronica.

Communities Served

San Miguel, Santa Fe and Taos Counties