Food 4 Pets


The Problem

Low-income Northern New Mexicans face difficult decisions every day– the choice between food and heat, food and rent or food and medical care. They also face the challenge of providing food for their pets who are, after all, part of the family too.

The Solution

The Food Depot looks at the full picture of economic circumstances affecting struggling families in Northern New Mexico. All too often when ends don’t meet, a struggling family will share a meager food supply with a companion animal.

To avoid this problem, The Food Depot distributes pet food each month in conjunction with The Mobile Food Pantry program. Volunteers from each of the rural communities work to spread the word to people in need, and on an established day each month, The Food Depot’s truck arrives with a delivery of nonperishable staple foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not far behind, The Food 4 Pets truck arrives with a supplemental supply of pet food. The volunteers prepare the people and pet food for distribution, and handle the distribution itself. As volunteers get to know the people and families seeking assistance, they provide information about free and low-cost spay/neuter services and vaccination clinics.

Our Impact

Last year, the Food 4 Pets program served 7,000 pets in Northern New Mexico, providing nearly 10,000 pounds of dog food and 1,400 pounds of cat food each month.

Making a difference . . . Jorge and Elena.

Communities Served

Bernal, El Rito, Ojo Caliente, Pecos, Santa Cruz, Truchas, Vallecitos.

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