Not Just Feeding People . . . Helping Change Lives

The Food Depot operates a range of programs designed to meet critical needs in the nine Northern New Mexico counties we serve. We help people of all ages with differing needs—–those living in remote villages as well as in our largest cities and towns.

Your generosity and your contributions of food, financial support and volunteer time make all of our work possible.

And when you support The Food Depot, you’re not just feeding people. You’re helping them change their lives. You’re improving a child’s ability to learn, increasing a worker’s productive energy and strengthening an elderly person’s resistance to disease.

Read the summary of our programs below, then click through for more details and the real-life stories of some of the New Mexicans helped by your support.

Food 4 Kids

No child should ever go to bed hungry. Food 4 Kids provides bags of child-friendly foods each week of the school year for at-risk children whose parents are unable to provide meals for them at home.

Diaper Depot

Every baby deserves a fresh start. The Diaper Depot addresses a silent crisis in America—the struggle of many families who can’t afford an adequate supply of diapers for their babies.

Mobile Food Pantry

Too many lack access to grocery stores. The Mobile Food Pantry provides people in remote and rural areas without access to grocery stores with the foods necessary for a healthy diet.

Food 4 Pets

Pets are, after all, family too. Food 4 Pets helps low-income New Mexicans feed both themselves and their pets when they’re too stretched to cover all their expenses.