Our staff members are available to answer your questions by phone or email.

If you need food assistance or help for your family, contact Bilingual Navigator Vilma Salinas or Navigator Chris Blumenstein. If you want to discuss making a donation or becoming a corporate sponsor, contact Kira Howard. To discuss establishing a partnership for food distribution contact To volunteer, contact Amanda Bregal. To discuss a food or fund drive, contact Tim Fowler. Please contact Jennifer West for any press or marketing-related inquiries. General questions, call Cathy Sisneros at (505) 471-1633 or email us here.


Sherry Hooper
Executive Director
505-471-1633 Ex. 110

Jill Dixon
Deputy Director
505-471-1633 Ex. 116


Robyn Archuleta
Human Resources and Finance Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 131

Cathy Sisneros
Office Administrator in Finance & Administration
505-471-1633 Ex. 112


Jennifer West
Community Engagement Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 126


Tim Fowler
Events and Outreach Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 129

Kira Howard
Director of Development
505-471-1633 Ex. 112

Alan Peura
Gift and Records Administrator

Information Technology

Sal Sandoval
Information Technology Manager
505-471-1633 Ex. 144


Marisa Santistevan
Partnership Administrator
505-471-1633 Ex. 111

Billie Secular
Program Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 111

Resource Navigators

Chris Blumenstein
Resource Navigator

Vilma “Val” Salinas
Bilingual Resource Navigator

Volunteer Management

Steven Bolin
Volunteer Program Manager
505-471-1633 Ex. 115

Amanda Bregel
Volunteer Program Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 130


Scott Alexander
Director of Warehouse Operations and Procurement
505-471-1633 Ex.113

Jerry Wagner
Distribution Manager
505-471-1633 Ex. 128

Zamir Crispin
Warehouse Projects Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 113

David Halerz
Receiving Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 113

Wayne Martin
Warehouse Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 127

Ashlynn Montoya
Inventory Control Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 137

Alma Salas
Food Rescue Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 132

James Sanchez
Shipping Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 128


Elier Chacon
Delivery Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex.113

Samuel Madrid
Acquisitions Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 113

Paul Rodriguez
Acquisitions Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 113

David Sanchez
Program Distribution Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 128

Fred Santistevan
Delivery Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex.113

David Vigil
Program Delivery Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 128


Jerome Sanchez
Maintenance Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 113

Kids Kitchen

Russell Johnson
Executive Chef

Tori Mendes
Business and Finance Coordinator